I am currently seeking representation for a TV pilot script I’ve written with my longtime friend, and new-ish cowriter, E.R. McIvor (Em). Em and I both love theater, dark comedy, and quippy dialogue. Our pilot script Upstaged is available upon request.


Ellie will do anything to stay on top in the theater department of Ibsen High School. She’s spent the summer scheming and kneecapping her enemies, but her carefully laid plans crumble when a genderqueer former child star named Mo transfers just in time for auditions.

When I first started writing fiction as a teenager, most of what I wrote was either fanfiction or scripts of movies I’d want to act in. I always harbored this dream of making movies and theater and art, and so I wrote scripts and stories as a way to live out those dreams in a way. I studied playwriting and screenwriting in college. Writing dialogue and communicating stories visually are what I love most. When Em suggested writing together, I was so eager to get back into it. And, honestly, it’s the most fun I’ve had writing in a long, long time. (And I love writing!)