Client Questionnaire

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this exciting time! I want to honor your family’s traditions as best as I can, so please fill out the questionnaire with as much detail as you want to share.

In preparing for the class, I ask that you find some pictures of your child(ren). Find pictures of them before they were born, immediately after, and any images you might have of them with other siblings or other babies they might have met. Take some time to talk about their births and their first days. I would love to hear them proudly share their own story as we get to know each other. Also bring with you any special baby dolls or ultrasound pictures of this current baby. We want this to be as fun and exciting and familiar as possible.

As this is a new practice for me, I welcome feedback. If you have time after the class, or after the birth, to reach out and let me know what was or was not helpful, that will help me improve. And in general, I would love any and all updates. I love hearing about births, new babies, and growing families.

Enjoy answering the questionnaire and feel free to reach out with questions!


Olivia Hinebaugh

 (Copy and paste questions, answer them in as much detail as you’d like, and then email. Thanks!)

Sibling Preparation Course Questionnaire

  1. Who is in your family? (names, ages of kids, pets etc!)
  1. Where will you be giving birth? Who will be attending?
  1. I want to use your preferred terms when discussing pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. When possible, I used correct anatomical terms (uterus, vagina) or other descriptive terms (womb, birth canal) but I also want to be on the same page and consistent with what you use.
  1. Where will the baby be sleeping? Do you plan on breastfeeding? What do you imagine those first few days and weeks will look like in your family?
  1. What do you know about your baby? Do you know the sex? The name? Do you have any sense of the baby?
  1. Anything else you want to share? No detail is too specific and nothing is too much information. If there is anything you especially want to cover in our class, let me know!