Clips, Clips, Clips (Where You Can Read My Essays and Articles)

I am a features writer for Romper. All of my work can be accessed here.

Romper: Olivia Hinebaugh

But some highlights of my writing include:

Planned Parenthood Saved My Life and I’ll Always Be Grateful

Why Losing My Baby Weight Wasn’t an Accomplishment

I Lost My Baby Just Days After My Pregnancy Began

The Heartbreaking Reality of Raising My Kids in Mass-Shooting America

My Body Wasn’t The Only Thing to Change After Having My Babies

Some Reported a Facebook Picture of My Daughter for Nudity

My Homebirth Was a Celebration for Me and My Baby

I’ve also written parenting articles for Many of them deal with the birth cycle and breastfeeding. All of my articles can be accessed from my profile page. I have also included pieces I’d like to highlight below:

Phases of  a Nursling

Mothering with Mental Illness: You are not Alone

Letting My Son be Himself

Loving Your Postpartum Body

Why it was so Hard to Say Goodbye to my Midwife


Three of my personal essays on full-term breastfeeding appear in the book To Three and Beyond: Stories of Breastfed Children and the Mothers Who Love Them.



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