Confessions of a PitchWars Hopeful #pimpmybio

Hi new internet friends! I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to dip my toes in these waters, but what the hell, right?

A little about me. I’ve written mostly YA. Mostly of the contemporary and quirky variety. But I’ve also written some picture books and I’ve started working on a MG. But, really, I just love love love kidlit of almost all stripes. So why the hesitance to enter PitchWars? Because I’ve already been agented. Twice. I’ve been on submission with publishers. I feel like in some ways, I’ve done my time in contests. I signed with my last agent during a contest. But ultimately, it didn’t work out. And after all the celebration and joy that comes with signing a new agent (lots of shouting from the rooftops) it’s almost sort of embarrassing to admit that you are back to square one.

Except I’m not really back to square one. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve hopefully grown as a writer.


Other things about me. I also write freelance, mostly with articles about my experiences parenting and being a natural birth junkie. I’ve got two kiddos (6 and 3) and another on the way. I have two dogs, a one-eyed cat, and a husband who is nerdy and amazing. My favorite movie is Fargo. My favorite book is Jellicoe Road. My current favorite singer is Agnes Obel.

About my book! Okay, so I’m not sure which book exactly I’m going to enter. I do have some picture books and a YA that have never been queried/in contests. But I’m also working on a WIP that *might* be ready in time. And I really hope it is, because I’m giddy about it.


The WIP is tentatively called SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW and it is a dark, twisty, magical realism/horror YA set in a backwoods bayou. When Ben’s sins lead to the death of his first love, he’s banished and then blamed for a series of biblical-scale plagues. Beware, this story has many venomous creatures and a band of violent, feral children. But, really, what could be better?

Follow me on twitter @olivejuicelots and check out the playlist I’ve been using when I’m working on it. 😀


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