The Reason I Write Personal Stories

This week, Romper published an article I wrote detailing my first miscarriage. As much as I view writing these articles as part of my job as a writer, I get so much more out of it than a paycheck.

When I write these emotional stories down, it’s therapeutic, like journaling. I now have sort of a keepsake of the experience.

But more than that, in the last two days, strangers and friends have reached out to me to thank me for writing an article about miscarriage. They thank me for teaching them something new, or for mirroring their own experiences. Of course that is a great compliment to a writer. But even more so, if I made them feel less alone in their struggles, they are doing the same for me.

Knowing you aren’t alone is a powerful thing. It can be life-changing. That’s why I’ll continue to share my experiences with stigmatized subjects, most notably: miscarriage and mental illness.

And a shameless plug, please check out the life-saving work of one of my favorite organizations: This is My Brave. They are working to start discussions about mental health and to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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