The Joys of a New WIP and a New Playlist

I’m finally digging into a book idea I’ve had for years. The idea has been there. Small pieces of the voice. A basic premise. But finally, FINALLY these characters are reaching out of me and onto the page. Thanks in no small part to me spending hours scouring Spotify for just the right music.

I put together a little sampler of the playlist JUST FOR YOU! (And maybe someday, I’ll figure out why the embed wasn’t working.)

This book is a little bit horror, a little bit strange, and a lot bit atmosphere. There are plagues of poisonous creatures. There is a wandering horde of feral children. In fact, I’m going to leave just a little taste of those feral children for you below.

They take turns being “The Beast.” That might be the scariest bit. They chew this root. It grows on one of the dryer islands up the river. Their gums bleed up from all the chewin’, or maybe it just looks it because the root is red, but they just keep gnawing on it, for a whole day. The Beast is wild. Doesn’t know what he or she is doing. As wild as they all are, there’s something different with this. They rage and fight and they have to be on a leash or who knows how much damage they’d do. If The Beast gets sicced on you, you might as well start praying, cuz running ain’t gonna do a thing. The one holding the leash, that’s Vipe. He’s never The Beast on account of his giving all the orders. You don’t want to mess with The Beast, but you really don’t wanna mess with Vipe.

I’m sort of ridiculously excited. And no offense to contemporary YA, but it’s fun to take a little break.


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