I’m Officially a Goodreads Author!

For a while now, when you search my name on amazon, a book pops up there. It’s a book I contributed to called TO THREE AND BEYOND. This was an awesome feeling. But perhaps, even better than that, was becoming an official Goodreads author, which I am! This is all thanks to an awesome anthology of short stories called NEVER BE YOUNGER.

And it came out last week. Which I guess means I’m sort of officially published! Hooray!

I got to make a nifty Goodreads bio. I got to upload my little picture. All that stuff. And I got to read reviews. One even called out my story! (In a good way.)

So, about the anthology. Perhaps I should have led with this…

All the stories are based on a work by my favorite author of all time: William Shakespeare. I chose to update/adapt The Merchant of Venice. This play isn’t actually my favorite, but because it is dark and romantic, I thought it would be fun for YA. And it really was. Guys. I’m super proud of this story. If you know the play, hopefully when you read it you have moments of “Oh! I see what she did there!” And even if you aren’t familiar, hopefully you’ll say “Wow. That was a neat world and some memorable characters.” Or something.

The coolest part of being in this anthology is that all proceeds are going to a great cause. United Through Reading helps US military families who have to be apart. They do this by taking videos of parents reading their kids’ favorite stories or by providing video chats so that story time can continue even when a parent is deployed.

Lastly. The cover is pretty. Isn’t it?



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