The Question of Miracles

I obviously don’t write about every book I read. (I read a lot of books–or I try to.) But sometimes I close a book, and then I clutch it to my chest and squeeze my eyes shut tight and think: “wow.”

Okay, so the book is a middle grade novel called THE QUESTION OF MIRACLES by Elana K. Arnold. And I picked up my ARC at the NCTE conference. My friend and I asked the publicist for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt what book on her list she loved, and she put this in my hands, saying something like “this is really special.”

And it was! So it asks some really really big questions. Why do some people get miracles and some people suffer tragedies? How do we fill a hole that is left behind when we lose someone we love? How do we start over?

So deep, right? But, it’s also just a great story. I loved inhabiting Iris’s world. Her parents were so wonderful and interesting. I warmed to her friend Boris, slowly, just like Iris did. The setting was so vivid in all the moodiness of endless rain and the possibilities that her new homestead offer.

I also really related to the story on a personal level because I had a best friend die when I was young. And I remember asking those big questions and wondering where my friend was now. It got those things spot on.

It’s quiet in the best way possible. There’s room to think about the big things and reading it was a bit like a meditation. Only with fun dialogue and psychics.

The best part though, is that you could read everything on a different level. So I can totally see this book being taught and discussed in a classroom or a book club.

I can’t recommend this book enough. It left me with such a feeling of hope.


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