What if a Writer Friend publishes a great book?

Okay, the title of this post is a little lame, but bear with me. One of the things I love about being a writer, is making other writer friends. Not only do they “get” things about me that other people don’t (for example: they don’t just say “are you going to publish your book?” or “how is your book selling?”), but there is something so amazing when people you’ve met before they even had an agent find success.

We all cheer each other on. I’m happy every time I see someone has landed an agent, or a book deal, or that they found their book in a mom and pop book store. It is so so cool.

One such friend of mine is AJ Pine.

Now, I have a bone to pick with her, because I am so very tired this morning because I COULD NOT PUT HER BOOK DOWN. And I swear she isn’t bribing me with Ewan McGregor GIFS or chocolate-covered-espresso-beans to write this. (Because we both love these things.)

Here is her book:

WHAT IF by AJ Pine

Sometimes it takes letting go of the past to find out who you want to be.

During his semester abroad, Griffin Reed almost gave his heart to a girl who loved someone else. Lesson learned. Now he’s home, where following in his father’s footsteps may not be what he wants, but it’s what his parents expect. It might be taking the easy road, but he doesn’t see a way out.

Something that could have killed Maggie Kendall took away the person she used to be instead. Her condition makes her dependent on sticky notes, photos, and medication just to get through each day. The last thing she needs is a distraction—or someone new to disappoint.

What they refuse to see is they are perfect for each other. Maggie makes Griffin want to be a better man, and he makes her believe a future is possible. But these two have to find a way to share the secrets ripping them apart, if they’re ever going to have a chance at happiness.

Sounds good, right? Because aseofawefproaisjdpaosdifjawpeoifjawpeofijawefpoij! It was.

Top five things I loved about this book.

1. Griffin gets his own story. I loved him in If Only, and I wanted more, and I got it. So happy he’s happy.

2. Maggie is amazing. Not just because she has overcome a lot and her struggles are portrayed honestly, but because she’s daring and kind and just a heroine I could really root for.

3. ❤ the secondary characters. All of them. Griffin’s sisters, Maggie’s friends, and the cast of If Only that appear again. (No spoilers.)

4. Graffiti. I’m a sucker for vandalism. No idea why. It’s art and it’s naughty. Okay, maybe I have some idea why…

5. Griffin. This is a seperate reason from #1. I was waiting for his story, but I so fell in love with him all over again. Just. *swoon* I want to invite him over and have him read, shirtless, with glasses, in my bed. So there’s that.

I highly recommend this book. It’s a great binge read. Especially if you want some quiet time after Christmas. Or if you feel like pulling an all-nighter and waking up with a book hangover. (And it won’t break the bank. Buy it here and buy one for your friend so you can swoon together.)

And now for some shameless bragging. I knew AJ Pine before she was famous. So there.


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