On Short Days and Cranky Moods

Right now, it’s about 35 degrees Fahrenheit and raining. (Also, apparently I had no idea how to spell “Fahrenheit.”) And I just need a little bit of sun.

I’m one of those short-on-serotonin-type people. I know I’m not alone in this. I’m prone to depression, migraines, all manner of anxiety (namely panic attacks and the never-ending dread of getting a stomach bug), and SAD–meaning these short sunless days are KILLER.

I feel a little crazed when it’s 3:00 in the afternoon and the sun is getting low and I cackle and say “there’s never enough time!” creepily, over and over, under my breath. Do you know that feeling? (Oh please say I’m not the only one!) And my house starts to feel like a creepy fishbowl, brightly lit and warm but surrounded by darkness. Supremely claustrophobic.

And I just throw up my hands at that point because if I haven’t gotten anything done by 3, I feel like the day was a wash and I should just give up and feel bad about myself, throw some food at my kids and wait for bedtime.

This is killer for productivity. Obviously. So I’m committing to writing 500 words a day for my sanity. I’m committing to one art project or board game or cooking project with the kids.

I’m going to savor my afternoon tea. I’m going to sing along to all the songs. A big “screw you” to the negative thoughts. Won’t you join me?


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