Two Picture Books that Gave Me ALL THE FEELS

I was an artistic kid. My parents kept me in books with beautiful illustrations. There is still something so magical about paging through a gorgeous new picture book. And I was so grateful to have gotten these two ARCs because I know kid-me would have loved these, and adult-me loves them, and my kids will love them.

Obviously I read a lot of YA since that’s primarily what I write. But I read so many picture books every day. So many. And I love it. I love discovering new books with my kids. Library trips, forays into the bookstore, packages delivered to my house: I love it all. So without further ado…

Coming Home by Greg Ruth

This book. These illustrations. I may have cried. A little.

A little boy is waiting for someone. He sees everyone (even a cute little pup) reuniting with their families back from deployment. But he’s looking for someone. It’s such a simple story, but it’s one that never gets old.

I’m passing this ARC along to a friend whose husband is deployed, and I know her little ones will appreciate it, as will she.

What a Wonderful World illustrated by Tim Hopgood based on the song by Bob Thiele & George David Weiss

Okay, this song has always given me the feels. The line about watching babies grow-well, as a mother that line really REALLY gets to me.

The illustrations are vivid and imaginative and everything this song deserves. This song is a love song for life, and the book gave me a big case of the warm fuzzies.



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