I am so Fangirling!


So I went to a Maggie Stiefvater talk/signing. And, yes, I got giddy when she walked in the room. Scorpio Races is one of the first YA books I truly fell in love with. It’s my go-to rec for people who don’t read YA. And I am just so into The Raven Cycle, it’s not even funny. But more than that, Maggie makes awesome art and music and book trailers and is hilarious. So, yes. Fangirling.


I went along with my sister-in-law and we sat in the front row, like the couple of overenthusiastic students that we are. When the time came for Maggie to sign stuff, she doodled on my tin whistle, because–and I didn’t tell her this–my fave thing to play on it is the song she wrote for the Scorpio Races book trailer. I know, this is exceedingly dorky. Whatever.

I might have handed her my own doodle. Because I’m a fangirl. Everyone loves a little fan art, right? (PS. Making bad fan art is a new passion of mine. So I made a Tumblr for it.)

I cannot wait to read BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE. So cannot wait. And it’s autographed. And Maggie was so funny and approachable and good to her fans and *passes out*


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