777 Challenge

Here’s the deal: you post seven lines, from seven lines down on page seven of a work in progress.

I was tagged by Rachel Simon. (She’s my agency sister and good YA-writing pal.)

So some background. This is from the work I’m currently revising called DOWN WITH MO. I would pitch this as AMADEUS meets ELECTION. Set in a competitive performing arts high school, it focuses on new kid wunderkind Mo, whose talent and androgyny allows him/her to literally play any role. And lucky you, these seven lines are when we first meet Mo.

Mo’s voice was amazing. A good octave and a half lower than mine. It was slightly husky that morning, but when warmed up, Mo’s voice had a clear, crisp, translucent sort of sound that drew you in.

Mo walked in easily, like (s)he had nothing to prove, even though we were all sizing him/her up and hoping to knock him/her down. Mo was tall. A good inch over six feet. And my god was Mo skinny.


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